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An Overview of People Over Profit

As the American marketplace becomes increasingly socially aware, businesses of all sizes are finding that profit-before-people thinking is not only antiquated—it’s a liability. Socially responsible business and treating employees well is no longer fringe, no longer novel, and no longer optional.

Dale Partridge, founder of Sevenly, is living proof that new, socially conscious business models are not only imminent but also surprisingly profitable. In People Over Profit, he distills years of personal experience and market research into the seven core beliefs shared by consumers, starters, and business leaders who are breaking the old profit-first cycle and crushing it in the marketplace by doing good.

Hopeful and visionary by turns, People Over Profit marks a path for creating and sustaining the equitable world that today’s consumer demands. This book provides the practical and the real, the what and the how, and the most importantly, the heart required to fuel the new marketplace revolution—the revolution your world, your conscience, and your business need you to join.

Jon Acuff
Adam Braun
Claire Diaz Ortiz
Blake Mycoskie
Jason Russel
Johnny Earle
Mike Foster
Jon Acuff, New York Times Bestselling author of Start

"Leaders like Dale are changing the very definition of the word 'entrepreneur.' I've spent years personally learning the lessons inside this book from Dale. I'm glad you'll have the same chance now too!"

Adam Braun, New York Times bestselling author and Founder of Pencils of Promise

"Dale recognized that to fix big problems we need to ask big questions. His solutions are not only exciting, but practical and powerful. This is a must read for every aspiring entrepreneur."

Claire Diaz Ortiz, Manger of Social Innovation at Twitter

"People Over Profit espouses the biggest, best idea of our generation... We need a new breed of entrepreneur: an honest, loving, generous, and authentic one. This book shows us how to get there."

Blake Mycoskie, Founder of TOMS Shoes

"Dale’s going to change the hearts, minds and bottom lines of today’s leaders."

Jason Russel, Founder of Invisible Children

"People Over Profit is not just a big idea, It's the only idea. And while everyone is searching for a quick fix for their business, Dale has outlined a true fix. Value people and you will win."

Johnny Earle, Founder of Johnny Cupcakes

"No marketing strategy or business tactic will ever surpass the power of caring for people. What Dale uncovers here is the secret to every outrageously successful company."

Mike Foster, Founder of People Of The Second Chance

"People Over Profit uncovers the true fabric that separates good and bad, greed and giving, and selfish and selfless. These words should be the backbone of every business leader in our world."

The 7 Core Beliefs

Of People Over Profit Companies


People Matter

How you make customers and employees feel about themselves, says a lot about your business. Learn the 3 key mindsets required to treat team members like people, not parts.

Belief 2

Truth Wins

Leaders must tell the truth completely, tell the truth quickly, and tell the truth clearly. Understand how the best companies have harnessed truth to drive sales, exposure, and loyalty.

Belief 3

Transparency Frees

Company vulnerability + management accessibility = transparency. Learn how the best leaders found profitability and performance in the absence of hiding, shielding, or manipulating information.

Belief 4

Authenticity Attracts

Fight the lie and resist the urge to become someone else. Become who you really are by discovering the 5 questions defining the world's most connected brands.

Belief 5

Quality Speaks

Never compromise. Even if it’s a painful profit. Learn how quality can drive credibility. And leverage the 4 expressions of value that have produced some of the greatest customer experiences known to man.

Belief 6

Generosity Returns

Generosity must be built in, not tacked on. In business, giving is less like an arrow and more like a boomerang–it comes back to you. Find out why generosity is rarely about money, and how it's built some of the strongest companies in the world.

Belief 7

Courage Sustains

Assassinate fear and create space for insane courage. Hear the raw stories of the most courageous leaders on the planet. Learn how to kill tradition, eliminate unhealthy patterns, and control the future of a first class company.


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About Dale Partridge

Dale Partridge is an entrepreneur and founder of Sevenly.org and Startupcamp.com. Described as "a mind who feels the trends before market," Partridge teaches leaders and organizations how to position their brand, love their people, and develop profitable corporate social responsibility programs.

He's a renowned expert on branding, consumer psychology, and marketplace trends. He is an avid speaker and has been featured in various business publications including the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine, Fox News, NBC, INC Magazine, Mashable, MSN Money, Forbes and the Los Angeles Times. Dale resides with his family in Bend, Oregon.

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